Press Release by the Supervisor or Elections

The Supervisor of Elections, Mr Colville Petty, has issued a press release emphasising that there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that names are being added to the lists of voters to enable people to vote in the general elections on 15th February 2010.  Mr Petty is confident that the rumour is baseless, without foundation, and without one strand of truth.

He reminded members of the public of his press release of 26th October 2009 which advised them, back then, that if they were interested in voting in the 2010 elections, the last day for them to get their names on the list of voters was 6th November 2009.  He recalled his release stating, in part, that:

The sixth of November

Was a day to remember.

He reminded the public that because Anguilla now has a system of continuous registration of voters, that people are still being registered to vote but that they cannot vote in the 15th February elections.  For them to vote in this election, he said, they must have registered to vote on or before 6th November 2009 and their names must have appeared on the register of voters published on 31st December 2009.

Mr Petty observed:

(a) that the preparation of the voters lists for the 2010 elections was completed on 31st December 2009;

(b) that those lists were posted in the seven electoral districts, circulated to the candidates and given to members of the public who requested copies; and

(c) that those said lists dated 31st December 2009, and no other lists, are the lists that will be used in Monday’s elections. 

He emphasised that it was absolutely impossible for anyone who registered after 6th November 2009 to vote in Monday’s elections.

Mr Petty assured the Anguilla electorate of his longstanding commitment to conducting free, fair and transparent elections and was confident that the 2010 elections will be free, fair and transparent.


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